The Vista WOW is Lost On Me (and my misconfigured system)

After reading my colleage Joe Wilcox’s ebullient ode to the new Windows Vista commercial that appeared during Lost, I had to see it for myself.
Here’s what I got:
A click on the image brought me to Adobe’s site, where I was informed that I’d need to upgrade my Flash Player version to–which is the version I’m already running.
Shockwave [appeared to have been] the culprit — there’s no Shockwave for Linux. My workaround? I joined many wacky Linux users in adding my name to a Shockwave for Linux petition, and then I got back to work.
Update: While I do indeed have Flash 9 installed on my system, my Firefox is, for some reason, using Flash 7. Epiphany, on the other hand, is configured to use Flash 9, and the video does work just fine.
I guess that’s what I get for riding the bleeding edge.
So, here’s that wow:
And what’d I think of the ad? It was pleasant enough, although I really should get back to work!
Final Update (I promise!):
Turns out that I had a pesky Flash 7 plugin living in my home directory, outside the dominion of the package management system of the distro that I sort of blamed in my previous update. So let that be a lesson, of some sort.