OpenSUSE 10.3, Fedora 8, Ubuntu 7.10 on the Desktop

I scratched the surface of three of the most popular Linux distributions out there–and I took plenty of screen shots.

Desktop Linux Trio Offers Look at What’s To Come

Review: The latest versions of fast-moving OpenSUSE, Ubuntu and Fedora make a strong case for Linux on the desktop, but there’s lots of integration work to be done.

Desktop Linux Showdown

Slide Show: OpenSUSE, Ubuntu and Fedora are three of the most popular and innovative Linux distributions available. But do their latest versions–OpenSUSE 10.3, Ubuntu 7.10 and Fedora 8–and the enterprise Linux distributions they foreshadow deserve a spot on your organization’s desktop and notebook clients? eWEEK Labs checks out the three new distros.