OpenOffice on Ulteo in Pictures

Today my colleague Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols is reporting on Mandriva founder Gael Duval’s Ulteo, which now offers online access to the productivity suite: goes online with SAAS version

I’m an user and overall fan of software as a service–particularly when it’s a free service–so I thought I’d take Ulteo for a spin.

It took me a few tries to access on Ulteo, and when I finally made it in, I received this somewhat disconcerting message. Apparently, my previous failed attempts left some loose ends in my Ulteo hosted home directory.


I forged ahead, broke the lock held by the phantom user, and I was staring down the barrel of Calc. Time to spend some time with my fantasy basketball spreadsheet, in all of its unsupported-by-google-apps functions glory.


Trouble was, I could tell how to upload my spreadsheet to Ulteo. The grayed-out box seemed to be the source of the trouble. A Java applet that failed to load, perhaps?


I consulted Ulteo’s search for help, but there were zero non-advertisement results for the term “upload documents.”


I read in SJVN’s story that I needed the “real” Java runtime from Sun to use Ulteo. As far as I could tell, that’s what I was using …


Have you tried Ulteo’s OpenOffice? Did you fare any better than I did?