Linux Distro Releases I’m Watching This Year


Back around the turn of the millennium, I had the great fortune of watching the Windows XP, aka Whistler, development cycle unfold. I had so much fun tracking the procession of development releases topped by the shiny gold master copy of Windows XP, that I sought after, and found, an operating system to track that was in perpetual development: Linux!

Over at eWEEK’s main site, I’ve compiled a short gallery of Linux distribution releases set for the first half of 2011 that have caught my eye. Check out the gallery for a peek at the releases and for what it is in each that’s gotten my attention, or simply consult the list below, and let me know which ones I’m missing.

  1. Ubuntu 11.04: Natty Narwhal :: Expected release date: 2011-04-28.
  2. Fedora 15 :: Expected release date: 2011-05-10.
  3. OpenSUSE 11.4 :: Expected release date: 2011-05-10.
  4. CentOS 6 :: Expected release: imminent.
  5. Debian Squeeze :: Expected release date: 2011-02-06.
  6. ChromeOS :: Expected release date: mid-2011.
  7. Android 3.0 :: Expected release date: February or March, 2011.
  8. MeeGo 1.2 :: Expected release date: April 2011.