working for The (shadow) Man

Last month, I started work at Red Hat–a big career shift after spending 12 years in tech journalism in the Labs department at eWEEK magazine.

Turning in one’s press badge for a set of company credentials is a bit like embracing The Dark Side. I do love a good heel turn, but I must say that working for a company that gives away what it produces dissolves some of that drama and robs me of figurative steel chair shot opportunities.

I’m part of a new team at Red Hat charged with helping the various open source projects and standards efforts with which Red Hat is involved be wildly successful. We’re sort of a roving band of open source contributors within the company, working both with well-established projects like Fedora and, and with new projects like oVirt.

I’ll be blogging here about the projects I’m working with, and about various other items of interest (to me).