stuck, volume 1

So, I’m working my way through the OpenShift Origin BYO PaaS wiki page, but I’m stuck right now near the finish line.

On Saturday, I was cranking through the howto, highlighting and middle-click pasting my way to BYOP nirvana, until I hit an authentication issue when it was time to create a domain on my newly-minted PaaS.

After taking a break for a couple days, I realized that I’d simply forgotten to point my rhc client at the right host — rhc defaults to, and if there’s an account on the Red Hat hosted server with the user name “admin” I can confirm that that user’s password is not “admin” as well.

Cinch. I’d be up and running in no time. Except I hit another issue — my host complained about: “Permission denied – /var/www/stickshift/broker/Gemfile.lock” and there was no such file on my host. With I bit of help from #openshift-dev, I got past the error by running “bundle install” in the broker directory and then chown-ing Gemfile.lock apache:apache.

But I hit another error message: “Failed to authenticate user ‘stickshift’ on db ‘stickshift_broker_dev’.” Word in #openshift-dev is that this is a mongo issue that someone else following the BYO instructions recently encountered as well.

I’ll circle back to this, but for now I’m going to proceed using the OpenShift Origin image I installed from the LiveCD. I’m copying that image from my notebook, where I’ve been running it on KVM using virt-manager, to my newly-assembled oVirt rig (which I mean to blog about soon) using the handy virt-v2c utility. [dang, stuck there, too]

More to come…

[UPDATE 5/20/12]

Another weekend, another shot at the BYOP. I restored my host back to a “fresh install” snapshot, followed all the directions, and am stuck again at the end of the directions. Getting the error: /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/uplift-bind-plugin-0.8.3/lib/uplift-bind-plugin/uplift/bind_plugin.rb:8: uninitialized constant StickShift::DnsService (NameError).