OpenStack Summit 2013 report

Last week, I attended my first OpenStack Summit as part of a team from Red Hat helping to launch a new community distribution of the popular open source infrastructure as a service (IaaS) project.

I came away from the Summit impressed with the size and velocity of OpenStack. The conference drew some 3000 users, developers, and members of the vendor community, roughly twice the draw from the previous Summit. What’s more, several of OpenStack’s component sub-projects reported a doubling in the number of active developers in their ranks over the past six months.

What impressed me more than the growth of the project, however, was the way that OpenStack embodies one of things I love most about open source, namely, its knack for helping people to peel back or eliminate barriers to innovation. The more freedom we afford ourselves to experiment with and improve the systems we care about, the more amazing results we can achieve.

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