Testing oVirt 3.3 with Nested KVM

We’re nearing the release of oVirt 3.3, and I’ve been testing out all the new features — and using oVirt to do it, courtesy of nested KVM.

KVM takes advantage of virtualization-enabling hardware extensions that most recent processors provide. Nested KVM enables KVM hypervisors to make these extensions available to their guest instances.

Nested KVM typically takes takes a bit of configuration to get up and running: on the host side, you need to make sure that nested virtualization is enabled, and on the guest side, you need to make sure that your guest VM’s is emulating a virt-capable processor.

With oVirt, you can take care of both the host and guest configuration chores by installing a vdsm hook on your host machine(s):

via Testing oVirt 3.3 with Nested KVM — Red Hat Open Source Community.