Build Your Own Atomic Host on Fedora 20

The application as shipping container metaphor behind the Docker project’s name and logo paints an attractive picture for developers: spawn a container on your local machine, fill it with code, and then ship it off to your far-flung users.

While the app is where the action happens, I can’t help but wonder what sort of ships await our containers when they arrive at the dock. No matter how well you’ve crafted or carefully you’ve packed your cargo, your application will only make it as far as its ship can take it.

Maybe the best thing about Project Atomic is the way it addressess both the shipping container and the ship itself, the former with Docker, and the latter with an intriguing (if less catchily-named) project called rpm-ostree.

We can use rpm-ostree to take a set of packages from one of our friendly neighborhood RPM-based Linux distributions, assemble it into a “just-enough” OS image, and then deploy and manage hosts based on that image in a manner that more closely matches the container model than do traditional OSes.

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