Building My Own PaaS with OpenShift Origin

I’m working through the OpenShift Origin Build Your Own PaaS howto, which says:

Several of the cartridge packages have additional third party dependencies. These have not yet been resolved for the open source environment. Work is actively progressing.

On my Fedora 16 host, these are the cartridges that wouldn’t install for missing dependencies:

  • cartridge-jbossas-7.noarch : Provides JBossAS7 support
  • cartridge-jenkins-1.4.noarch : Provides jenkins-1.4 support

These are the ones that would install:

  • cartridge-10gen-mms-agent-0.1.noarch : Embedded 10gen MMS agent for performance monitoring of MondoDB
  • cartridge-cron-1.4.noarch : Embedded cron support for express
  • cartridge-diy-0.1.noarch : Provides diy support
  • cartridge-jenkins-client-1.4.noarch : Embedded jenkins client support for express
  • cartridge-mongodb-2.0.noarch : Embedded mongodb support for OpenShift
  • cartridge-mysql-5.1.noarch : Provides embedded mysql support
  • cartridge-nodejs-0.6.noarch : Provides Node-0.6 support
  • cartridge-perl-5.10.noarch : Provides mod_perl support
  • cartridge-php-5.3.noarch : Provides php-5.3 support
  • cartridge-phpmyadmin-3.4.noarch : Embedded phpMyAdmin support for express
  • cartridge-python-3.2.noarch : Provides python-wsgi-3.2 support
  • cartridge-ruby-1.1.noarch : Provides ruby rack support running on Phusion Passenger

More to come.

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  1. while excuting ‘yum install bind bind-utils’ , ‘quested URL returned error: 404’ error happened ,do you know how to work with it ?Thx lot!


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