Long Time No Blog

My annual resubscription to this wordpress.com instance has come and gone again, and, as in the previous few years, I thought:

“Should I renew?

“Well, you still want to have a blog, even if you don’t, uh, write blog posts.”

“But what about how I always get annoyed with wordpress, and always want to Blog Like a Hacker?”

“You set all that up already, remember, with git and everything, and then set it up again, and you still weren’t writing blog posts.”

“True. So, should I renew?”

“Well, you may start blogging again, and you’re supporting open source software, so, yeah, renew.”

— me, paraphrased

And renew I did. Now that I’m here, I’m playing around with what’s changed in WordPress, trying to give blocks a chance, etc. But, I do have some actual new things I figure I’d like to blog about, topics that hearken back to when I used to blog a bit more frequently.

Eight or so years ago, I started spending a bunch of time with oVirt, an open source virtualization platform that I could use to run VMs for running services and testing various things. This led me to spending a bunch of time with Gluster, an open source storage platform that I could use to provide the shared storage that my VMs needed to run and stay running as they moved from one oVirt host to another.

Over the past year-plus, I’ve been spending time with a new set of projects for providing VMs and storage, and a lot more: OpenShift, Kubevirt, Rook and Ceph. So, that’s what I intend to write some blog posts about.

We’ll see if saying I’d do it here leads to me doing it. ;)

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