I still haven’t been blogging

Last year at around this time I wrote a post about how I hadn’t been writing posts lately, and how I wondered whether it made sense to re-up my wordpress.com subscription, and how I went ahead and re-upped it anyway. I went on to talk about a few of the things I might blog about, driven on by that re-upping, and by having written about potentially writing about those things.

Well, I didn’t write any more posts in the twelve months that followed, and yet I just paid for another year of wordpress.com.

I mentioned that I would be writing, potentially, about ceph and kubevirt and openshift, and I didn’t write about those topics, mostly because I spent less time playing with those projects than I thought I would. I do have some server blades loaded up with openshift and ceph-rook and kubevirt, but that cluster dates back to a couple of years ago, when openshift v4 was new, and bare metal installs weren’t as well supported. I’ve been meaning to find the time to start fresh with it.

I’ve also been thinking about writing up my thoughts on the Great Highway|Walkway controversy that’s been going on around here in recent months. Maybe I will. Otherwise, see you next year.

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